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All litigation cases must be scheduled at least a month in advance so the doctor can schedule her patients accordingly.  The insurances do not pay for any litigation services provided by the doctor. A typical case incurs the following charges:

·Consultation in office or on the phone                                  $400/HR(min 1 hour)*

·Consultation with attorney on phone or in her office.              $400/HR(min 1/2 hour)*

·Preparation for the case                                                    $400 per hour(min two hours)*

·Deposition in her office                                                      $400 per hour(min two hours)*

·Deposition in any other location but her office                       $500 per hour (min two hours)*

·Court appearance, plus min one hour case preparation $400     $500 per hour(min two hours)*

·Commute between office & court & back to office                   $500 per hour(min 30 minutes)*

.Out of state Case(s)                                                          $700 per hour, plus
                                                                                       all traveling expenses

·Any non–legal letter (forms, Katie Beckett, etc)                     $50 per letter**

·Diagnosis letter                                                                free of charge

 *All additional time is charged in 15 minutes increments.

 **All fees for letters and/or forms must be prepaid in advance before they are completed.          

 For all depositions and court appearances must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, please schedule the doctor for maximum estimated time or schedule her for the entire day (eight hours).  Please bear in mind that the doctor will have patients scheduled for the rest of the day. Therefore, the doctor will leave right after your estimated scheduled time. 

 The estimated fees should be paid in full seven days before the services are rendered, unless the patient’s attorney is guaranteed to pay on behalf of the patient. If the patient requires more time than estimated time, the balance should be paid right after the services are rendered.

In case of any court/deposition cancellation, please notify the office seven days in advance, otherwise you would be charged $300 per hour times the estimated time the doctor has allocated for you.  The over-paid balance will be refunded to the patient within ten business days.

The above services are only provided to the established patients, whose accounts are paid in full at the time the services are rendered.

Please be advised, all fees are subject to change without notice.