About Our Clinic

Our Ideology Emphasizes:

  • In depth evaluation and diagnosis
  • Multidisciplinary perspectives
  • Individualized treatment based on the clinical evidence
  • Involvement of family and related members
Dr. Rubina has diagnosed patients with different medical conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes, hydrocephalus, sleep disorders, vitamin deficiencies and other medical conditions which can masquerade as psychiatric disorders. New patient she sees can get screened for many of these and other medical conditions to get a clear picture of what may be causing their psychiatric symptoms. Additional tests or specialist referrals are also ordered, as needed.
Top-quality treatment means that our clinician(s) communicate with psychologists, therapists, PCPs and other specialists in order to provide the top most care for our patients. Medication alone is rarely the proper means of treatment, especially in children and adolescents. The use of medication in children often has its place as a vital adjunct to other treatments, but the decision for a child to take medication should be made only after a thorough evaluation and discussing the benefits, side effects, alternatives with their parents or guardians.